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    Floattech Sweden AB

    Office and factory

Swimming & Leasure

Pontoon for swimming and leasure

EasyFloat® is a light-weight, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly pontoon or landing stage. It is also a very popular high quality raft with great buoyancy. The product is patented.

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Rowing & Canoe/Kayak

Rowing launching pontoon

EasyFloat® pontoons have a low free board and offers great buoyancy and stability. It is the perfect launching pontoon. We are a full range supplier including having starting pontoons in our portfolio. The brand name for our starting pontoons is EasyStart®.

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Working pontoon/raft

Our working pontoon has a long life span free from expensive repairs and requires little maintenance. EasyFloat® does not easily succumb to ravages of time. It offers great buoyancy even though it is light in weight.

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Bathing ramp för disabled

EasyTrail® ramps improve access to activities in the water. They were developed in collaboration with The Innovation Centre For The Disabled In Kronoberg, Sweden. The smart design makes them versatile, easy to erect and install and maintain.

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Vår nya säljare heter Martin Pålsson. Martin kommer i huvudsak att arbeta med försäljning i Sverige. Vi hälsar honom mycket välkommen.

Harald Warelius, vd

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Family owned company in Sweden

Floattech Sweden AB is a Swedish, family owned, company founded in 2007. The company is located in Värnamo, Sweden.

Floattech Sweden AB developes, manufactures, promotes and sell floating docks and bathing ramps for the disabled. Our brand names are EasyFloat®, EasyTrail® and EasyStart®. The entire world is our market.