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  • Bearbetning av flytkroppar - Floattech Sweden AB

    Floatation unit during processing

  • Formblåsning - Floattech Sweden AB

    Blow molding

  • Bryggmontering - Floattech Sweden AB

    Pontoon assembly

  • Reception Floattech Sweden AB


  • Konstruktion & Utveckling - Floattech Sweden AB

    Design & Construction


Factory & Office

Renovated in 2014

The factory and the office was originally built in 1974. They where purchased by Floattech Sweden AB in 2013 and extended and renovated in 2014.

The factory space is 1800 msq and the office 200 msq.

Blow molding

The EasyFloat® floatation unit is blow molded. Since 2015 we have our own machinery in order to be able to fully contol the process and ensure nothing but high quality products.