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  • Tillgänglighetsramp - Växjö Kommun

  • Tillgänglighetsramp - Hässleholms Kommun .

  • Tillgänglighetsramp - Vetlanda Kommun

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Installation details

• The path leading to the ramp should be solid ground with a maximum incline of 1:20 (5%).

• There should be an access area in front of the start of the ramp, measuring 1.5 m wide and 2.0 m long. This access area must have a maximum sideways or lengthways slant of 1:50 (2%).

• The incline of the ramp should be a maximum of 1:20 (5%). An incline of 1:12 (8%) is acceptable if the ground does not permit any other solution.

• The access area for the ramp should be straight, and have a maximum incline sideways and lengthways of 1:50 (2%).

• The depth of water at the end of the ramp should be 90 cm for a person sitting down. However, the needs of different people must be considered. Bathers in wheelchairs and bathers on foot need different depths of water.

When the water reaches chest height, the supporting force of the water can be utilised. Discuss with your local organizations to check their needs.

• The total length of the ramp may be adjusted during the season as water depth varies (due to dry weather, heavy rain, etc.). This is easily done by removing or adding a ramp section.