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  • Startbrygga för rodd - EasyStart®

EasyStart® details

EasyStart® - a world class starting pontoon system

During design and construction of EasyStart® we based the product on our pontoon system EasyFloat®.This way we have created a light-weigt, maintenance free and very flexible starting pontoon. The unik mechanism and the flexible holder's platform makes the product world class. Details are described below.

  • Stainless steel  guide ways and maintenance-free roller bearings make operation of the sliding pontoon rapid and almost frictionless.   

  • Two spring loaded locking bolts allow rapid and safe positioning of the sliding pontoon at an interval of 150 mm.  

  • The holder’s platform may be adjusted by up to 300 mm in height  which provides any sized holder a comfortable position. 

  • The holder's surface board is covered with a soft water resistant fabric, offering maximum comfort. The board may easily be removed for indoor storage when not in use.