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    Light-weight pontoons

    EasyFloat® is easy to install and take out.

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    Great buoyancy

    EasyFloat ® is ligt-weight and has a great buoyancy.

Swimming & Leisure

Floating dock for Swimming and Leisure

Easy Float® is a patented pontoon system for swinning and leisure

EasyFloat® is a patented pontoon system – the only one of its kind in the world. EasyFloat® Pontoon systems comprise an aluminium frame supported by patented floatation units. The units are made of UV stabilised impact resistant PE plastic. Our docks cause minimum direct disruption to fish habitats and submerged land.  

That is why EasyFloat® has rapidly become popular world wide. 

Easyfloat® - Design and construction

Below you will find further product details. 

EasyFloat® Pontonbryggor
EasyFloat® Pontonbryggor
  • Concealed stainless steel corner brackets
  • Grey corner covers in robust polypropen plastic.
EasyFloat® Pontonbryggor
Pontoon without front aluminum profile and part of floatation unit cut off
  • Silver anodized aluminum framing
  • Blow molded floatation units in impact resistant polythene plastic with solid high dencity polystyrene filling 

Watch the movie and you will relize how clever the design is.

Light-Weigh and Great Buoyancy

5-Year Warranty

EasyFloat® is a high quality product. That is why we offer the best possible warranty.

Owner's Warranty Information

Duarable and No Environmental Impact

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden has tested EasyFloat®. Read the test repor here.

SP Testrapport EasyFloat®